What is Digikey

Digital Key

Utility Token

TRC 10 - BEP 20

ID: 1003563

Verified Contract


Supply : 25.000.000

Initial Price: 2.0 TRX

Objective Price: 100000 DGK 50000 TRX

Digikey (DGK) is the TRC 10 Community Utility Token original the TRON Blockchain. Now Bep 20 in Binance Smart Chain. It originates a fundamental icon in the DGK Global Ecosystem, generating added value in society.

As a store of value, it can be used as a unit of participation in the capital of any business, by interested investors.

As a means of exchange between different assets, for people financially trained under Blockchain Technology, it facilitates negotiations.

In addition, it constitutes a payment alternative for companies and clients within the Hispanic community with a global projection.

Its layers of value allow programmers to develop smart contracts and even be tokens within games and applications.

It allows the financing of various projects of humanitarian aid and protection of stranded animals.

Specifically, DGK is projected as a solution to the traditional and disruptive exchange typical of the Digital Economy, with a focus on intergenerational well-being and animal protection.

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